Workplace trends for 2021

2020 was the year we all experienced unprecedented change in our working lives, with many of us turning to Google to seek advice and support to cope with the changes we faced.

Here are top 3 workplace trends to follow this year, alongside how to make these trends work for your team’s wellbeing. 

Remote Working 

In 2020, searches on Google for ‘working from home set up’ and ‘working from home mental health’ increased dramatically, in comparison to previous years. 

It is important you create the right working environment while working from home. Aim to work from a desk or table and remember to keep your shoulders relaxed, elbows at 90 degrees to the table and your feet on the floor.

However, a good balance between working from home and office can significantly improve your teams mood. Liaise with your team and consider splitting the time between home and office as some are less productive at home. 

Increased Use Of Techtechnology use

Businesses have heavily relied upon technology over the past few months, moving day-to-day communications and processes online. Whether technology is used for business collaboration or keeping in touch with employees, technology has helped many businesses remain resilient during uncertain times.

However, embracing technology may come with many of us spending more time working in front of a screen than ever before. It is important to take regular breaks during your working day, as these will help to reduce any aches, pains and eye strain you may experience.

Employer Wellbeing Responsibility

Since the pandemic and adjustment to remote working there has been an increase in work related mental health conditions such as, stress, anxiety and burnout. However, the majority of UK workers have said they felt as though their managers have been supportive, with a greater focus being placed on employee wellbeing.

Whether employees are working remotely or in the office it is important managers support their wellbeing. A happy workforce is a more productive and effective one.

As we are half-way through 2021 and starting to feel normality, it’s important to support the promotion of mental wellbeing in the workplace. 

Visit our blog page to read our tips on maintaining mental wellbeing at the office. 

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